Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Capturing December: Day 31

{ New Year's Eve }

Yesterday was the last day for these Capturing December posts!  It's actually been quite a challenge to do something unique or (hopefully) interesting every day!

Today I just want to share about our New Year's Eve service we held last night in the mountains at our church in Santo Domingo.  A small group from our Tapachula church also drove up to join us.

After service, we were served some yummy barbacoa tacos and fresh, mountain grown coffee!

On our way home, we were going over an overpass a few miles from home right at midnight...and it was so incredible to watch as the city of Tapachula lit up the night sky with hundreds of fireworks!  We quickly stopped to try and get a picture, but it was hard to capture and then Parker started crying because he was scared of them!  Below is a fuzzy pic that we got that will give you a little idea of what we saw!  They were beautiful - it was like 4th of July fireworks on steroids around the whole city!

I trust y'all will have a wonderfully, blessed new year!

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